Finding Extra Space in a Tiny Kitchen

I love living in small spaces and I know it stems from how I grew up. We had a tiny bungalow in a lake town in Minnesota. The building started as a blacksmith shop in the 1900s and was later converted to a small family home. The addition was meager resulting in my family of four living in a one-bedroom home. I shared the bedroom with my sister and my parents took over the living room for their room. When my dad finished the basement it doubled our living space and allowed us to have a little more personal space. The funny thing is, we used the extra space very little and now that “the girls” have moved on, my parents use the basement almost exclusively for laundry. We all had grown accustom to the small home and to this day my sister and I both live in apartments quite comfortably.

I learned from growing up in a small home that spaces need to work double duty, especially in the kitchen. My husband and I live in a two bedroom apartment, which I sometimes argue features too much space for us, yet there never seems to be enough space in the kitchen. We both love to cook and bake and storing our resulting kitchen gadgets can be challenging. One addition to the kitchen that freed up much-needed cabinet space is the wall rack that holds dish rags, mugs and a place to dry used dish rags.

The rack was purchased at my favorite “small spaces store”, IKEA, and the rags are basic white bar towels. I prefer white because they’re easy to bleach. It was an easy addition to the
kitchen, it’s useful, and I think it’s cute to boot! I find my life in a small home to be cozy and comfortable. It just takes a little creativity to make it all fit.


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