Pine Cone Centerpiece

I have surprisingly have pine trees in my backyard (I live in a desert after all) and now that fall is approaching I decided to take full advantage of all the pine cones that have fallen to the ground. I love adding natural elements to my designs and I thought pine cones would be a nice touch for a fall centerpiece. I took Sunny, our schnauzer mix, out for a walk in the wash with a collection bag in hand. I was careful to pick a variety of shapes and sizes because I wanted my “pine cone decor” to be as interesting as possible. With my bag full of pine cones Sunny and I headed back to cure the pine cones.

The pine cones were covered in little bugs so I laid them out on my patio to let the bugs escape. I didn’t want the bug’s demise to happen in my oven. When the pine cones were clear of critters I laid them on a tin foil lined baking sheet and baked them at 200 degrees for 20 minutes. Simple. Now they were ready to pretty-up my home for fall!I picked up a few key items from Michael’s:

Glass hurricane

Craft burlap

Vanilla Pillar Candles

I also picked up another trees’s droppings from the wash. I need to do some research on what it’s called but it looks like large, dried seed pods (in the photo below). I cut the burlap into a 12″ wide strip and ironed out the creases. I also pulled some twine strings from the burlap cloth and tied it around the hurricane and candles. I alternated the seed pods and the pine cones in the hurricane. The smaller pods helped fill in the empty spaces the pine cones created.

I then stopped by my favorite grocery store in Scottsdale, Fry’s, and picked up some cute pumpkins to add to the mix. Then I put it all together! Voila! I made a super cute, super cheap, centerpiece for fall.


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