Hiking the Sunrise Trail

On most Sunday mornings I wake up ready for an adventure. I’m a die-hard morning person so I’m up at sunrise, hungry for excitement and breakfast. In our first few months as Scottsdalians (is that the right name?) my husband, Adam, and I explored new hiking trails every weekend. We hiked Camelback, Pinnacle Peak, Piestewa Peak, Lost Dog Trail, and the McDowell Sonoran Preserve (to learn more check out PHX Trail Dude’s Blog). In our journey to find great hikes we came across a hidden gem, named the Sunrise Trail.

On our first trip there I was skeptical that I would like it.  I didn’t like Lost Dog Trail and according to the map, Sunrise connected to Lost Dog. We pulled into the tiny parking lot and easily found a spot. The trailhead was well maintained and featured running water, recycling and trash cans, and doggy clean-up stations. There was even an equestrian parking lot and trail (something I will never have a need for due to my fear of horses). We got out of our trusty SUV and headed for the trail. I was already losing my skepticism.

I love hiking for two reasons, the workout and the scenic views. On the hike we faced steep inclines in some spots and leisurely jaunts in others. The trail was a rusty-red color that contrasted beautifully with the green cacti that surrounded us. As we climed we were rewarded with views of the valley down below. This trail seemed to know my desires and knew how to deliver. We climbed on as the temperature became noticably cooler. We had exceeding expecations to make it to the top, but when we faced the steep incline of the last leg of the hike, we were satisfied to turn around. The trip down gave me opportunity to enjoy the view from a new angle and I appreciated what I could see. We exited the trail and both agreed to return.

We still hike on most weekends and we made good on our promise to return to the Sunrise Trail. We have even brought another hiker with us a few times, our dog Sunny. It’s a great trail for dogs because it’s not too busy and the trail, at most points, is wide enough to comfortably pass other hikers.

Arizona offers amazing hiking experiences and many trails are located in the Phoenix-Metro Area. Questions about where to hike? Just ask me!


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