Wine Cork Hooks

My jewelry stash was a mess and my cork collection was growing rapidly, so I found a solution to both problems with a simple crafting project.

Cork boards made from wine corks are currently a popular project but I wanted something a little cleaner looking to display my corks. The walls in my vanity are white and I wanted my jewlery to lay against the basic background. Knowing the outcome I wanted I came up with a simple wall hook design. To put it all together I gathered my wine corks and a few items from my crafting box:

Hot glue gun


Finishing nails

Drop cloth

And this is the result!

I started the project by organizing the corks by size. I put the longer corks on the edges and filled in the rest by alternating from larger to smaller. This gave the project visual interest and kept the rack from looking lopsided. The next step was to get the labels lined up correctly. I had to glue the corks together from the back so I laid the corks with the labels facing down on the drop cloth.

With the corks in place I used the hot glue gun to glue it all together. The hot glue worked great to fill in the gaps and to hold everything secure. I used a lot of hot glue. I let everything dry before flipping the project over to add the hooks.

I used multiple sized hooks and alternated the larger hooks to line the top and the smaller hooks near the bottom. Every other cork has a hook. I like the way this looks and it is very practical in its end use. The alternating sizes and heights make it easy to take necklaces on and off.

Time to hang my project! I used finishing nails because they are long enough to get through the corks and into the wall, yet have a small enough head so they blend into the corks. I use this everyday and love that it keeps my necklaces from becoming a tangled mess.

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