Fouta Towels

This past August I attended The Minnesota State Fair, also known as The Great MN Get Together, and The Best State Fair, Ever. I could write an entire post about the food, music, people-watching and every wonderful experience I had there, but I want to focus on my “Great Find at the Fair”.

The Grandstand houses merchandisers that sell everything from beautiful handcrafted jewelry to livestock supplies. I have never purchased anything from a Grandstand vendor, I actually rarely ever step foot in the Grandstand, but this year I had hopes to purchase something unique. It would be my take-home item back to Arizona. I roamed the busy aisles past wool mittens, pressure washers, beef jerky, organic dog food and recycled plastic lawn furniture. Seriously, they sell everything you can imagine at the MN State Fair. I turned the corner, and there it was.

I was awestruck by a stand filled with gorgeous and colorful loomed textiles. Were they towels, blankets, scarves? I didn’t know or care. I just knew I had to have one. I walked up to the product and rubbed my hand over the soft and supple fabric. Each one unique in color and design. The owner of the shop told me that they are Fouta towels (pronounced foo-tah), also called Turkish towels, and they are all hand-loomed and imported from Tunisia.

I learned that Fouta towels have many uses. They are traditionally used as mildew-resistant bath towel, but work great as a throw or a cozy scarf. She told me they patina with use and wash so they get better with age. She showed me one that she’s had for years and she was right. They get even better with time.

I found myself curious about the women who made it and the story already weaved into the towel. I had to have one and I encouraged my sister to buy one as well. The towel had already adventured halfway across the world. I was almost jealous of the beauty it has seen. I couldn’t wait to start my own adventure with it.

I first used my Fouta towel on my plane flight home to Arizona. I twisted the towel into a scarf and wrapped it around my neck and as I got chilled on the plane I used it as a blanket. Perfect. I now use it mostly as a light throw on my sofa and bed, but can’t wait to use it on other plane trips. The scarf traveled across the world to Minnesota and then continued its journey with my to Arizona. It will be a great travel companion as I indulge my wanderlust. I purchased my Fouta towel from One World Imports and unfortunately I could not find her on-line shop. Fouta Lifestyle has a great website that is easy to navigate. They also provide further history and other ways to use Foutas.


One thought on “Fouta Towels

  1. These are excellent quality body towels. They are very soft. They soak the water quickly and dry your body gently. I don’t just use them after shower. I take them to the beach, pool, and also hut tub. I love them and can’t live without them. Thank you for providing them!

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