Disaster Purse

My purse seems to be my own personal junk drawer at times. It gets plagued with crumpled receipts, melted lip sticks, leaky pens and other odd finding that make finding what I actually need impossible. I don’t treat my purse with the most respect. I have even spilled coffee and water in it numerous times, due to faulty beverage containers (and my own lack of consideration).

When my purse gets messy I start to feel completely un-organized. I’ve had a few fits in my day that have resulted in me dumping the entire contents out just to find what I need. I look and feel like a crazy woman when I do that. So to keep my sanity I keep just the basics in my purse and I take a few moments each week to filter out the unnecessary items.

What’s In My Purse, the basics:


Make-up bag



Business Card Holder

In my make-up bag I stash one SPF lip balm, one lipstick, a travel size hair brush, oil blotting papers, and a hair binder. Simple. My make up bag is homemade and designed to fit my phone, keys and debit card when needed. It’s great as a “grab-and-go” mini bag for day trips on the road and quick errand runs.

I use the notebook and pen daily for making lists, jotting down important numbers and info, and for bigger tasks like planning a trip. Currently my notebook hosts my itinerary for our Grand Canyon trip coming up this weekend. My notebook keeps track of my daily life story, however boring it may be at times, all in one place.

A purse is very personal (Could “personal” be the root of the word “purse”?). Managing a simplistic purse makes me feel empowered, and when I fall off track, and let it become disastrous, I take a few minutes to clean house. A few minutes worth while, to bring back the feeling of sanity.


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