The Complete Bedroom

Right out of college I worked as a Design Consultant for a “big box” furniture store. It was my job to incorporate design service into the sales process and for the most part, I loved it. I truly enjoyed helping people make their house a beautiful place to call home. Interior design is a foreign concept to many and I respectfully offered insight to my clients regarding why something works, and why something else doesn’t.

In my experience the most common design mistake I couldn’t talk people out of was the “complete bedroom package”. A misconception of interior design is that if all the pieces match, it works! In reality it only works if the intent was create an uninteresting room. Bedroom set

Many times I heard “I have always had mismatched furniture and can finally get a matching set!” It was hard to argue with their enthusiasm. I tried to get them to see that a matching bedroom doesn’t mean all pieces have to come off the same assembly line. A well designed bedroom will use pieces that work well together but offer unique interest to the room. I lost the battle on many occasions and happily sold them a basic, matching set. It was my job, after all, to sell the furniture. Bedroom3

Luckily, a matching bedroom set can easily be broken up. Move a night stand to the living room to use as a side table. In its place add a piece that has a unique shape or is made from a different material than the other pieces. A dresser can be transformed with a little paint (Pinterest show’s us 1001 ways to paint a dresser, so it can be done!). An upholstered headboard is an easy way to incorporate a new print, color, or material to the room. And in my opinion the simplest change that makes a big impact is swapping the boring vanity mirror with one that has a unique shape or finish.

Bedrooom2bedroom Painted dresserHere’s the “how to” for this project.

Bedroom headboardbedroom mirrorSimple changes can make a big impact. The best way to make a “complete bedroom package” is with simple tweaks to the traditional matchy-matchy sets.


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