The Striped Wall

We moved into our new home about a month ago and have since been working on projects to make it our own. I have my own walk-in closet so I wanted it to have a girly touch. When my hopes for a wallpapered wall were shattered by textured walls, I settled on a striped wall.

I started with paint from Sherwin Williams. I used to buy cheaper paint until a professional painter recommended Sherwin Williams to me. I highly recommend using high quality paint as it makes the painting process much easier. I used a coupon and spent less than I would have at a home improvement store.

In order from darkest to lightest, satin finish:

  • Butterfield
  • Colony Buff
  • White with Butterfield mixed in

I painted the side walls Butterfield and the back wall (the one to be striped) in Colony Buff. I wanted to paint the stripes in the darker color because I wanted to have more lighter stripes so I only needed to paint three stripes vs. four using this process (the photos help visualize this).

I put my husband, Adam, to work on calculating the correct spacing of the stripes.

The project happened during our “half-packed/half-un-packed” stage and my camera was MIA at the time. I used my iPhone so I apologize for the grainy photos.


The hardest part was measuring out the tape lines. For each painted stripe, the top tape needs to have the bottom edge line the top edge of the painted stripe and the bottom tape needs to have the top edge line the bottom edge of the stripe. Confused yet? I used Frog Tape vs. blue painter’s tape and rubbed the tape to the wall to secure the seal. Even though the wall is textured the paint did not bleed.

496I put strips of tape on the areas not to be painted. It seems silly but it’s easy to get paint-happy and paint the wrong area. 506My initial plan was to just have the two colored stripes but I thought this was too boring so I added the lighter stripe. 508To finalize the closet make-over Adam and my dad installed an Elfa closet system from The Container Store. I LOVE it and love that it’s versatile. The system was easy to install and it is designed to be able to add more storage as needed. It can be a bit spendy but the designers respectfully worked with my budget.  I highly recommend Elfa and just make sure to buy it during their various 30% off sales. 012006005


4 thoughts on “The Striped Wall

  1. What a difference the stripes make. It looks beautiful. I can’t wait to try it myself.
    Thanks for the great idea Grace!

    1. Beautiful closet. I love how the space looks and wouldn’t have thought of stripes in a closet. I like how you painted just one wall with stripes and left the others without. I am guessing it cost less than wallpaper?

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