Paint Fan Deck

When tackling a new painting project it can be hard to know where to start when choosing a color. Many times I have found myself staring blankly at the wall of color swatches in the paint department in a state of confusion. I would blindly grab a few I thought would work, take them home, and realize that I got it all wrong and needed more samples. Sound familiar?Fan Deck

A much better approach to paint selection is to have a fan deck of paint colors. Some retailers will sell their fan decks (Sherwin-Williams is one, and they have amazing paint to boot!). I have a few fan decks and use them personally quite often. It gives me a broader approach to color selection and lets me choose the exact color that works for my project. The best part is paint stores can color match any paint color, so if I have a fan deck for one brand I can get the color in the brand of my choosing. Fan Deck 2

The fan deck is also useful for chosing colors of other decor items. I’ve used it to help find bedding, curtains, and art to match the other colors in the room. I make note of the colors that work with the existing pieces and I bring the fan deck with me when I shop. Tip: Use cute paper clips to mark the selected colors.

Paper clips


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