Interior Decorating Basics: Black and White

Does you room feel dull, boring, or flat, and you’re not sure why? Look around the room to make sure you have these keys pieces:

Something Black

Something White

In order to create a room with depth and interest it needs to feature a pure black and pure white. These key pieces will create focal points and reference points for the eye to decipher the surrounding colors.

The visual below illustrates my point:

Black and White3 (2)Black and White3

The first photo has pure white and pure black mixed with grey tones to create visual interest that draws the eye through the photo. The second photo uses only grey tones. It looks flat, creates eye fatigue and is so boring!

A room that feels flat and lack-luster is most likely missing these key pieces, and luckily, this is an easy fix! Frames, pillows, throws, vases, and other small accents can be added to any room. BW 3BW 5BW 4BW 6

No matter what style your home is, or what colors you use, it’s vital to have both black and white represented somewhere in each room. Personally I love white linens and simple black frames for photos. What are some black and white items you love in your home?


One thought on “Interior Decorating Basics: Black and White

  1. Wow, what a difference between those two photos!
    I’m going to go out and buy some white and black pieces for my living room.
    Thanks, Grace. I love your blog!

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