Clear Out the Clutter

I spent the last few days in my hometown of White Bear Lake, MN enjoying time with friends, family and helping my mom re-design her home. My parents will be taking on a major kitchen renovation, which also includes updating the living room and office, and I was there to help get the process started. Below is one image of inspiration for the new kitchen, so cute!

Kitchen redo

Before we could add new items, we started by donating and selling existing pieces that were no longer needed. This is a tough process for most people because some items we have in our homes hold sentimental value and some just give us a feeling of comfort and familiarity. It’s tough to part with things that bring us comfort but this process of elimination is necessary for a fresh start.

It’s natural to hold on to items with reasoning such as:

“What if I need it in the future?”

“My kids might want it someday”

“It was a gift”

“The chair is just so comfortable”

These reasons are just excuses to avoid change (change is hard!) and unless something truly has deep sentimental value or is linked to family heritage, if it’s not working in your space, it’s time to get rid of it. Clutter causes stress and anxiety, so for your health, remove the clutter. To paraphrase a well-known designer, if it’s not useful or beautiful to you, don’t let it take up valuable space in your home.

So, ready for change and ready to create a welcoming home, my mom and I started the process of elimination. We focused on cleaning out the current living room/office. We brought smaller items to a consignment shop, we sold furniture on Craigslist (which my mom found to be very exciting) and we started a “Goodwill donation” pile.  As we cleaned out items we brought fresh life into the space and the room is now ready for new life to be breathed in to it. With the existing furniture in the room my mom could not visualize how the space could be designed differently and more efficiently to meet my parent’s needs. Now, with the help of a rough floor plan and empty floor space she can start to see her new living room come to life. Bonus, she also has a few extra dollars thanks to selling her old items!

Kitchen Floor Plan

If you have a room in your house that you never use, or just don’t like, it may be that it’s filled with items that just don’t work for you. Freshen your home by eliminating items you don’t need and it just might spark inspiration to re-do the room to suit your needs.

What items do you have that are just taking up space in your home?


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