10 Steps to Create a Polished Bedroom

Creating a cozy and comfortable bedroom is simple with these 10 steps. Deciding where to start is the hardest part so I made it easy for you. Follow this simple process and you’ll have a cozy bedroom retreat completed in no time.

1. Start with the Rug: Yes, you need a rug. A rug will display the most important part of your bedroom, the bed. I like to start with the rug because it creates the color palate for the entire room. It’s much easier to choose a paint color from a rug than to match a rug to your paint color. Your artwork and accessories will also be influenced by your rug. In general an 8 x 10 rug is the correct size for under a bed. Rugs are expensive, I know. If it’s not in your budget to purchase a large rug, choose runners to lay next to the bed, leading to the nightstands.


2. Paint Color: Use color samples from the paint store (or your fan deck if you have one. I highly recommend getting a fan deck!) to find a color that matches your rug. Don’t worry too much about “what color you like in general”, focus on what colors you can pull from the rug. If your rug has blues, greys, greens and yellows, stick with one of those colors. Even if you have always wanted a red bedroom, trust me, stick with a color found in your rug.

3. Curtains: Curtains dress up your windows and add warmth to any space. Again, use the colors from your rug to guide you to the right color curtain. Keep in mind the “style” you want for your bedroom when choosing the type of fabric. For example, linen and cotton have a nice casual or rustic feel, silk is more traditional and formal, and sheers are delicate and pretty. Curtains should be hung above the window to add height and slightly puddle on the ground. Choose a curtain rod that matches the current hardware in your room (i.e. door knob). Cheaper fabric can be used on window treatments so this is a good place to save some money. Ikea and Target are great resources for curtains.

4. Bed Frame: The foundation is set, now it’s time to add the bed! So many options! A headboard is a must, a footboard is optional. If you have a small room, pet that jumps up at the foot of your bed, or if you like to sit on the end to put on your socks, a footboard might be in your way. If you use just a headboard with a metal bed frame you will need a bed skirt to hide the metal frame. A platform bed gives the option to have a decorative frame around the bed without needing a footboard. Just remember, if you like to store items under your bed, make sure the side boards allow enough clearance for storage boxes (or invest in a bed with built-in storage drawers).

5. White Bed Linens: Sounds boring, right? Hear me out. You can’t go wrong with white sheets and  a simple white duvet cover. They are easy to clean (i.e. bleach) and easy to dress up with colorful throws and pillows. Quality is important in bed linens and good linens are expensive. You spend a lot of time in bed and comfort is key to a good night’s sleep. It’s much easier to update your bedding with cheaper accessories than to invest in all new bedding.

White Bedding

6. Nightstands/Dresser: These items do not need to match the bed, nor do they need to match each other (see my post The Complete Bedroom). They just need to coordinate. First determine how much storage you need. Do you need large drawers? Do you need open shelf space for books and accessories? This will help guide you to the right furniture. Make sure the night stands are high enough so items set on top can be comfortably reached from bed. Fumbling in the dark for the lamp or glass of water is never fun.

7. Art: Artwork gives character to a room so decide the feeling you want your room to have. Botanical, landscape and abstract art are all great options for a bedroom. Also, the bedroom is the ideal room for family and personal photos. Black and white family photos in simple black frames always look great in a bedroom.


This site has fantastic ideas for displaying family photos.

8. Lighting: Task lighting is so important in a bedroom. Overhead lighting floods the room with light, which may be inappropriate at times. Lamps next to the bed create relaxing light for reading and lamps set away from the bed create a romantic illumination.

9. Seating Area: If you have enough space I highly recommend adding a seating area. It doesn’t need to be a large space, just somewhere to sit and put your socks on or read a book. A bench at the end of the bed, a chair tucked in the corner with a side table and lamp or a small sofa are great pieces to add. Just make sure they don’t become clothing racks!


Hampton Pillowtop Bench from Target

10. Plants and Accessories: The easiest way to accessorize is to choose one color to work with (pick one from your rug). Use that color for pillows, throws, vases, sculptures, and other accessories. Mix in green plants (for cleaner air) and add pops of white and black and you will create a relaxing color palate for your new bedroom.

Blue ThrowPlantBlue Pillow

So simple. Now you’re ready to cozy up in your new bedroom! Enjoy!


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