T.V. Show Floor Plans – Impressive

One of my favorite shows on T.V. right now is Happy Endings. Six attractive urbanites in their late 20s living in Chicago, living an endlessly entertaining life, referencing the 90s whenever possible. It’s fabulous. As a designer, my favorite part of the show is admiring the character’s unique homes. There’s the single girl’s posh apartment, the guy’s industrial loft and the married couple’s million dollar condo with modern everything (it’s flawless to say the least). The show also includes storylines with the character’s moving to new places (very fitting considering how often young people move) so there continually are new homes to drool over!

Yesterday I stumbled upon the work of interior designer Iñaki Aliste Lizarralde. He takes famous shows and creates detailed floor plans of the featured homes. So cool! I have included my favorites below but there are more to see on his Etsy page (you can even buy the prints!). There’s not one for Happy Endings quite yet (fingers crossed!) but I’m sure you’ll find some of your own favorites in his collection. Enjoy the inspiration.

Penny's ApartmentTed Mosby's AptCarrie's Apt


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