5 Ideas to Boost Inspiration

Finding inspiration for an interior design project is half the battle. Feelings of doubt and confusion are normal when starting something new, but negative feelings will crush the creativity needed to create your new space. There are tons of ways battle doubt and ignite your creativity. Here are a couple of tricks I use whenever I’m feeling less than inspired:

1. Read Design Books

Buy or rent. Bargain shelves at bookstores are a great place to start your own design book collection. Or, to keep it totally affordable, the library has tons of fantastic books on all topics of design. Magazines are great too but I personally enjoy the feel of flipping through a bound book vs. a flimsy magazine. E-versions of design books are also great because many times they are interactive.018

2. Draw/paint/craft

Little to no skills required. Draw a stick figure. Paint an unfinished photo frame from the craft store. Turn on some music for extra inspiration. Exercising your right brain can open up the floodgate of creative ideas. (I lived in Wisconsin for a few years. Totally normal to have a sketch of a cow…)029

3. Look through photo albums

Photos are art, and you take photos of things you like, so it’s not too far-fetched to think you’ll find home design inspiration from your own art collection. Vacation photos are a great place to start but don’t forget about your own backyard. Photos of landscape, people, and places from around your town remind you of the everyday things you love. Personal photos should be used to create a cozy space so pull a few of your favorites and frame them. Cheap and meaningful art.026

4. Find One Piece to Work From

This gives a true starting point. Working with a white room is the hardest challenge because it offers zero inspiration. Find one piece you know you want to use/keep and work from there. I recommend starting with something that has personal meaning. This is a painting by my grandma Pat Brothen. While I don’t need it yet, it will one day be the inspiration for my nursery. Special pieces such as this create the perfect starting point for a room.036

5. Use Technology

Pinterest, of course, is a hotbed of inspiration. Make a specific board for your project to keep your ideas organized. Houzz.com is also a fantastic website with a pinboard-style format. It features ever-changing posts and I appreciate that it features “real” homes, not just the over-staged model homes we’re used to seeing. For a more personalized experience use Chip It! by Sherwin Williams. Upload a photo of choice and it will give you custom color board to work from. It’s super addicting. Photo courtesy of Tanya Brothen at http://www.parisianspring.blogspot.comFarmland


One thought on “5 Ideas to Boost Inspiration

  1. Thanks for the inspiration. I am painting a room in my home and this will definitely help to make it personal. I am now excited to go looking at paint colors! Thanks

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