Mother-In-Law Basement: Before and After

I worked with a stylish Minnesota mom via Long Distance Consulting to transform her basement into a Mother-in -Law suite with the goal to have her home be a future income property.

Here’s where she started:

“We initially had red shag carpeting, price-is-right game themed tiles, a pink bathroom and knotty pine tongue and groove down there. It was straight out of the 50’s-60’s. When we ripped out the walls and ceilings we found old newspapers from the 50’s used as insulation, some of which were so interesting we kept them!

I argued with my husband Tony back and forth about the hardwood floor look. I wanted it to be inviting and not look like a basement, as our house is considered a registered duplex, I felt it would add to the value more if it were treated as a main room and not an afterthought. We are both glad we chose the engineered hardwoods. They were a breeze to install (after some base floor leveling) and ended up looking great and really warmed up the space.”

After the major renovation was complete she asked me to help her finish the project. She had great ideas as to what she wanted for her space and with my help she was able to have the confidence to pull it all together.

Here is where we started our project together:

From there we created a workable floor plan for her tricky living room that also needed to feature a separate-feeling entryway, storage space, and multiple walkways to flow from room to room. She wanted clean lines, neutral colors and simple decorative touches that would entice potential renters.
Here’s what we came up with:
Jackson Basement Photo 1
She also staged the bedroom with a striking accent wall and a few DIY projects:

Upon completing the project a job opportunity moved her and her family to a neighboring state. She still had some time to enjoy the space and had this to say about the final product:

“What I love about the space is the “soft urban loft feel.” It’s fun to see an idea you sense come into fruition through the physical aesthetic. It was tough not to go overboard with personalization but I knew we might be moving so I tried to stick to current neutrals which of course you helped me with along with many other aspects!!

Thanks again for your help and insight. We are currently living in an even smaller space here (a temp. apt) and I’ve already used some of your tips and tricks for making it work.”

I am honored to have helped with this project and happy she allowed me to share the transformation with you!


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