Fireplace Makeover

I have always HATED our fireplace. The mantel was constructed from an awkwardly small piece of left-over granite that was unable to properly display any décor pieces. The box was left unfinished which left much to be desired. And, I could NEVER find the right picture to hang in the cut-out above the mantle. The fireplace should have been a stunning focal point in our living room and instead it was a lifeless and mostly useless (in AZ) space-sucker.


UNTIL! The make-over!



We used tumbled travertine tiles to give the look of brick.



We used 1 x 8 boards to build out the mantel. Then with hammers, chains and nails I distressed it to look a little worn. I used Driftwood stain as the first coat then a custom mixture of stain for the top layer.


Then with a few accessories from Home Goods, it was finished!

Total cost of the makeover was around $150 and now I have a fireplace that I LOVE.


At Home With… Sara Plath

Hello! My name is Sara and I am a clothing designer, blogger & artists. I have always loved creating things ever since I was a little girl. What I love about being creative is seeing my ideas come to life. I started my blog, Red Lipstick and French Toast, as an online journal of my projects and travel. Aside from blogging and creating things, I love being outdoors and on the go. I’m so flattered Grace has asked me to do a guest post about my apartment in Uptown, a neighborhood in Minneapolis, MN. I’ve picked two of my favorite rooms to share with you today!

Sara Plath 1 0Sara Plath 2

My kitchen and living room are so close that I wanted to bring the cozy aspect from my living room to my dining room. I had made large pillows a couple of years ago and decided they’d work well in the dining room. I also didn’t have a bench at the time and used an old coffee table as a temporary bench but turns out it made a great as a bench and so it stayed. I love finding new uses for old items! One thing I wish I had at my apartment was a patio. To create the ‘patio feel’ on nice summer nights I open my kitchen window as wide as it will go,  place candles in lanterns on the table, pour some red wine & turn on white lights framing the window. My friends laugh when I tell them this but I think it gives it the best patio feel for date night at my apartment! It’s all about working with what you have! Lastly, picking up fresh flowers at the grocery store or farmer’s market is always worth it. It just brightens up the whole space.

Sara Plath 1Sara Plath 3

I love the built in cabinets in my kitchen. These cabinets are pretty common in the Uptown area with the early 1900 style apartments. I added a pop of color to the cabinet by just lining the back wall with large paper (because it is a rental) from Paper Source. They have a ton of colors and patterns to choose from.

This mirrored tray for my bar is from one of my favorite vintage stores in the area called Hunt
& Gather
in South Minneapolis. This is the place where you could easily spend 20 minutes digging for scrabble letters in a wheel-barrel until your friend drags you out of there. You never know what you’ll find!

Sara Plath 4

In the wall collage I have pictures I took while traveling, sketches from my sketchbook and artwork I’ve started to collect by local designers and at the Uptown art fair.

Sara Plath 11

These glasses with gold detail were part of the Target Collaboration with Neiman-Marcus. The story goes that this technique hadn’t been used for so long that they brought this old machinery out of storage and the person who knew how to use it was retired but agreed to come help with this project and make this design come to life. I loved the story behind the glasses. Also, I absolutely loved the gold. I want gold utensils next! The cute cupcake teacups were a gift from my boy-friends parents. My niece came over the day of the photo-shoot and loved them!

Sara Plath 5

Sara Plath 8

When I first moved into my apartment it was a blank canvas. I had cream walls and white bedding… it was beyond boring! I wanted to add an accent wall & pops of color. I wanted the room to have a nature-inspired feel that was also whimsical and relaxing. I decided on a navy wall because I was really drawn to that when I looked through magazines & online. I think it has really helped ground the room. I swapped out my Ikea dresser knobs with a variety of Anthropologie knobs & the artwork in my room is very whimsical inspired. Just recently, I added the pillow shams and the bright orange pom-pom blanket which add the pop of color that I wanted. ‘Dream’ bedside artwork from an Etsy shop, theloveshop.

Sara Plath 6

I picked up the white ornate frame from Patina while I was still in college. It was one of those things that I just had to have! I still love it! Framed is a postcard from when I traveled to Paris. The miniature fashion form was a gift from my mom since I got my degree in Apparel Design.

Sara Plath 7

I like to hold onto books that I get as gifts and have built a small collection of fashion and interior design books. I feel like can always use more. I love them!  The picture in the background is a London building sketch from my sketchbook.

Sara Plath 10

I did a little makeover on my closet last fall which I blogged about here. It has made such a difference having the overhead light and the bright aqua walls. I can actually see my clothes now! I also only put clothes back in the closet that I liked and wore often (makes sense right, ha) and sold or donated the rest which I blogged about here. I love picking out my outfits now and if I make time I’ll sometimes pick out outfits for the week & hang them behind my closet door. It’s my smaller version of a clothing rack and go-to outfits for those mornings when you don’t want to think about it.

Sara Plath 9

Hope you’ve enjoyed the tour! Thanks for hosting Grace!

~Sara, Red Lipstick & French Toast

Euro Class Sitting Room

Euro Class Sitting Room

Mid Modern Living Room

Mid Modern Living Room