I Know What You’re Thinking

I want you to help me with my home. What can I expect from your services?
You’re unique. I like that about you, so I work with you based on your unique needs. Typically we start with a color consultation. I bring a boatload of color options and find the best one to match your existing finishes and pieces. The color consultation is only $50, affordable and totally worth every penny. From there we can address other projects. Need help re-arranging current furniture? Feel overwhelmed at home decor stores? Have questions about tackling projects on your own? No problem. My services are hourly and you can use our time together how you see fit.

I don’t want to work with a Decorator. They are snobby and pretentious.
Yes, some are. I am not. I think you’ll love working with me. Let’s meet for coffee so you can decide for yourself.

I don’t have a mansion or tons of money. I can’t use a decorator.
Why yes you can! You deserve to have a cozy and well designed room for your needs. My services are accessible and affordable and my ideas for your home won’t break the bank. I am respectful of your budget because we all have one. I’ll even save you money! So yes, you can use a decorator, me!

What if I hire you and I don’t like you or your ideas?
I get it. We just might not mesh well together and I offer a totally free initial consultation for this reason. We meet, chat, maybe have a cup of coffee. You can decide if I’m your perfect match without any financial obligations. I think you’ll love me, but if you don’t, no worries! It didn’t cost you a penny!



2 thoughts on “I Know What You’re Thinking

  1. Grace helped me redesign my downstairs bathroom and I absolutely love it! My bathroom went from outdated 80’s plaid wallpaper, to a warm caramel color with gold accents. She was easy to work with, confident, and kind. I will be using her again, in my next home. Thank you Grace!!

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